Foundation in 2005, our faculty has been structured to become the constituent of a research-based university and specified its educational and research aims to reach competency on the graduate degrees.

In our faculty the programmes operate in two paths . Cultural Studies and Media programme is conducted in master’s degree and Communication Science programme is conducted in both master’s and doctorate degrees.

Our faculty, with its international refereed electronic journal, Moment Journal: Cultural Studies Journal of Hacettepe University, which has been published since 2014, aims at making contribution to the broad field of cultural studies with genuine academic works that promise new discussions and strong theoretical perspectives.

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach in the field of communication, our faculty will support the qualified graduate education, which has offered to its students, with its new undergraduate program.

The undergraduate program is the first and most important step of higher education. In this first step, in accordance with the requirements of scientific education of our students rather than purely vocational training practice in the field of communication; graduates are aimed to trained to be individuals who think, research, question, criticize, create,contribute knowledge.

Mission and Vision

In our faculty, our young friends who will start their undergraduate education in communication sciences will be members of media whose mind and conscience will be guided by universal ethical values, defend human rights and produce rights-based content, and with a critical perspective in the field of media and new media, we believe they will give a creative, egalitarian, equitable, critical and polyphonic view to the media and cultural industry. Welcome to our faculty and this pedagogical union.



Our faculty was established in 2005 and started research, education and training activities.


Graduate Program in Communication Sciences


PhD in Communication Sciences


Cultural Studies and Media Graduate Program


Undergraduate Program

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