The Communication Sciences

The Communication Sciences Undergraduate Program, which has been prepared by our expert and experienced academic staff, is structured with courses aiming to establish a solid foundation in the field of social sciences for the first two years.

Our experience in the fields of communication science at postgraduate and doctoral level is that it can be developed by the presence of graduates who are able to understand and operate the culture, society and communication dynamics of existing job opportunities in different fields of communication.

The undergraduate program in Communication Sciences offers compulsory courses aimed at providing a strong foundation
In addition, it is structured with rich elective courses on four main axes: Cultural Studies, Political Communication and Eco-Politic, Cinema and New Media.

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Master of Science (MSc)

Communication Sciences

Communication Sciences Master of Art Program started in July 2006, accepting its first graduate students.
The courses of the program are prepared in order to focus on the discussion of the contemporary communication issues at graduate level in accordance with the graduate programs of the European and international universities. The courses of the program aim to provide students with the knowledge that enables them to discuss current issues and to develop solutions to these issues. The design of the program is suitable for regular updates according to the social and technological changes. Considered as a whole, the program combines the examination of the theory and practice in communication sciences and encourages the usage of the theoretical knowledge through applications. The program supports an interdisciplinary approach and is in dialogue with different fields of social sciences such as sociology, history, political sciences, philosophy, art, economics, anthropology, psychology, philology and law.

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Cultural Studies and Media

The Graduate Program on Cultural Studies and Media is designed with a view to the academic interests and technical proficiencies of the academic personnel in the Faculty of Communications, at Hacettepe University. The Program reflects the the interdisciplinary nature and methodological broad range of the field. The courses included in the Program are envisaged with the aim to provide the students with specific knowledge of the field. They are also considered to so as to contribute to the related literature by means of their distinctive submissions to analyze social, socio-cultural and political tensions that appears due to interactions between individuals, media and society and to develop policy-making processes at global, national and local levels.

The students who graduate from this interdisciplinary programme, may continue with further academic degrees so as to work in the universities. They can also be employed in private and public sectors (e.g., Ministry of Culture, the TRT) as consultants and/or in production-related facilities in terms of media contents and cultural politics. In addition, they can also work as researchers in civil societal organizations, national and international. As it is well known, along with digital developments, the field of communications has been enriched by the rise of numerous sub-fields as well as new (theoretical and practical) challenges. The active presence of new media users side by side with the traditional media professionals has led to expansion and deepening of academic matters of interest and research and to the diversificiation in professional majors. In this respect, this program will fill in a serious void in the faculties of communication since it specifically aims at graduating potential academic personnel with specialization on digital media, as well as at graduating skilled personnel for employment in newly-emerging professional fields, as social media consulting.

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Health Communication

Health Communication, which began in 1970s under the field of communication studies, focuses on health contexts and analysis of all communication processes in relation to health. Health communication is defined as “implementation of concepts and theories of communication to processes and interaction between people connected to health” so as to give information, raise and create awareness about health. Concentrating on communication processes between patient and doctor and health campaigns that are prepared for health promotion, health communication studies addresses the health services, the change of attitudes and behaviors connected to health as the main concerns of health communication.

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Doctorate (PhD)

Communication Sciences

Communication Sciences Ph.D. program education was accepted by Higher Education Institution (YÖK) and began on 08.15.2012. Just as the graduate program of Communication Sciences, communication is regarded as an interdisciplinary field and the courses of the program include contemporary and advanced theoretical and methodological approaches. Critical and creative thinking is the basis of the program and the aim is to promote specific research and study contributions to the communication field.

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