Prof. Dr. Mutlu Binark
Chair, Informatics and Information Technologies Department
Radio, Television and Cinema Division
Informatics and Information Technologies Department
Hacettepe Üniversitesi İletişim Fakültesi Sosyal Bilimler Ens. Üst Katı- Beytepe/06800 Ankara
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Short Bio

Ferruh Mutlu Binark is Professor at the Department of Radio-Television and Cinema, and Chair of the Division of Informatics and Information Technologies at the Faculty of Communication, Hacettepe University since 2014. She has been assigned as the Chief Editor of Moment Journal since July, 2017 to June 2021. Moment Journal is a peer blind academic journal on the cultural and media studies.See:

She is graduated from Ankara University, School of Journalism and Broadcasting in 1990. She has her M.S. and Ph.D. degree from Ankara University, Graduate School of Social Sciences. Her M.S. thesis centered upon the field research on the reception practices of soap operas by women audiences (1992); her Ph.D. dissertation focused upon gendered uses of new media technologies both in Japan and Turkey (1999).

She has graduated from Faculty of Language, History and Literacy, University of Ankara, Department of Sinology in 2004. She has M.S. degree from Department of Informatics Law, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hacettepe University, in 2019.

She had been awarded with the Monbukagakusho Scholarship from 1994 to 1997, and conducted her Ph.D. research at Tokyo University, Graduate School of Social Sciences. She had Danish Government Post-Doctorate Research Grant in 2000 and by this opportunity she had been in Aarhus University, Faculty of Media Studies. In 2002 she had awarded with the Post-Doctorate Research Grant by the Turkish Sciences Academy and conducted an ethnographic field research on the reception of Turkish tv., especially tv. dramas in Denmark, and had been a visiting fellow at the Southern Denmark University at Odense.

She successfully completed the research project, titled as  “The Creative Content Industry and the Transnatiolization of Hallyu (Korean Wave): The Policy Making of Korean Government and the Contribution of Conglomerates (Chaebols)”, granted by Hacettepe University, Scientific Research Division from November 2017 to September 2018. She carried a field research in Busan University of Foreign Studies, in Busan-Korea from March 1st to August 31st, 2018. The book called Cultural Diplomacy and Korean Wave “Hallyu”: K-movies, K-dramas and K-pop is published by Siyasal Publishing House in 2019, based on the outcomes of this project. 

In 2020 her research project is granted by TÜBİTAK, titled as “120k613 Information Seeking and Information Evaluation of Older Adults in the Covid19 Process". It aimed  to explore information seeking behavior of individuals over 65 years of age and how they evaluate this information during pandemic. The project team members are Ö.Arun, D.Özsoy, B.Kandemir and G.Şahinkaya. (See: The e book based on the findings of the project is published in 2022. (See: Binark, M., Arun, Ö., Özsoy, D., Kandemir, B., Şahinkaya, G. (2022). Information Seeking and Information Evaluation of Older Adults in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Tübitak Sobag Project No: 120k613. Association for Aging Studies Publication)

Her current research is titled as Digital Transformation in Turkey's Music  Industry: Cultural Producers and Platformization, and granted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Copyrights in 2021. 

She is a founding member of Alternative Informatics Association which is one of the leading NGO on the freedom of speech on Internet and organizing civic campaigns on personal data protection on both e-government applications and ISP's applications in Turkey (See

She had been a member of advisory board of the Social Sciences Research Department of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey among 2012-2016. She is now a member of advisory board of  the TÜBİTAK BİDEB. 

She is a member of Unesco National Committee, Communication Division since 2020.

She had been an advisor at the radio programme called ”Yeni Medya Eski İnsan/New Media Old Person” on Turkish Radio Television Broadcasting Company, broadcasting on Radio 1- Ankara, from 2016 to 2018. The programme had been on air each Mondays from 11.00 to 12.00 live.

She teaches media theories, media sociology, media literacy, and new media culture. She is currently working on data ethics, media literacy, creative content industries and cultural policy.

Her blogs are: and
Her web page:

Research Projects:

She has completed in success “Digital Game Culture and Internet Cafe Usage Patterns of Young People in Turkey: Online and Offline Identity Exercises, Immobile Socialization and Virtual Careere-An Ethnographic Study in Ankara” (107k039 Research Project) and supported financially by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. This Project is chosen as a success story by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey in 2011. She had been a member of research team, worked on “Internet, Public Opinion and Public Sphere in Turkey: the Public and the Intimate” (110k051 Research Project) has been also funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, and successfully ended in 2011. She has completed in success “Ethical Problems in New Media Environments” (111k368 Research Project), which was also funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey in 2012. She had been a member of research team, worked on the use of social media by political parties and their leaders in Turkey. This research project, titled as “The Evaluation of Social Media Environments in terms of Political Communication Applications: The Use of the Facebook and Twitter by Political Parties and Leaders during the 2011 General Elections in Turkey” (111k263 Research Project), has been also funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, and successfully ended in 2013. Her last TÜBİTAK Project was granted in 2020, and titled as “Information Seeking and Information Evaluation of Older Adults in the Covid19 Pandemic" (120k613 Research Project). 

She had been successfully completed five research projects, granted by Hacettepe University, Scientific Research Division, as following: “Trolls in Twitter” (2015), “Conduction a social science research on social media and data ethics policy in Turkey” (2016), “Evaluation of academic findings and proposals of TUBITAK SOBAG supported research project no 107k039: 10 year statement” (2018.)  One of her project was titled as “The Creative Content Industry and the Transnatiolization of Hallyu (Korean Wave): The Policy Making of Korean Government and the Contribution of Conglomerates (Chaebols)”, granted by Hacettepe University, Scientific Research Division from November 2017 to September 2018. She carried the field research in Busan University of Foreign Studies, in Busan-Korea from March 1st to August 31st, 2018. The book called Cultural Diplomacy and Korean Wave “Hallyu”: South Korean movie industry, K-dramas and K-pop is published by Siyasal Publishing House in 2019, based on the outcomes of this project. Her fifth research project, granted by Hacettepe University, is titled as "China's BRI in Transnational Perspective: Comparative Discourse Analysis of 'Opinion Technicians' in Ethiopia, Pakistan and Turkey", and had been supported from 2019 to 2021.

Some of her publications are following: İnternet, Toplum, Kültür (2005) (co-edited), Eleştirel Medya Okuryazarlığı (2007) (co-authored), Yeni Medya Çalışmaları (2007), Kültür Endüstrisi Olarak Dijital Oyun (2008) (co-authored), co-edited a book on digital game culture in Turkey, Dijital Oyun Rehberi (2009), co-author of Toplumsal Paylaşım Ağı Facebook (2009, an author of a book chapter in Yeni Medyada Nefret Söylemi (2010), STÖ'ler için Bilişim Rehberi (2011) (with K.Löker), Türkiye'de Dijital Gözetim (co-author) (2012), Yeni Medya ve Etik (co-author) (2013), Siyasetin Yeni Hali: Vaka-i Sosyal Medya (co-author) (2014), Yeni Medya Çalışmalarında Araştırma Yöntem ve Teknikleri (2014, 2015,2018), Kültürel Diplomasi ve Kore Dalgası “Hallyu”: Güney Kore'de Sinema Endüstrisi, K-Dramalar ve K-pop (2019), and recently Asya'da Popüler Kültür ve Medya (2020). 

She is also a co-author of several book chapters published by well-known publishers such as Peter Lang, Cambridge Scholar Publishing, Lexington, Springer and Routledge. She has published articles in European Journal of Communication, Observatorio, Communication and the Public, Kültür ve İletişim, Bilig.

Selected Publications -Book Chapters and Articles in English:

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Indexed Articles

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Some selected publications as a book or a book chapter in Turkish:

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