Founded in 2005, our faculty has been structured to become the component of a research-based university and has specified its educational and research goals as to achieve competency in both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

In our faculty the programmes operate in four paths of masters' degree, namely, Communication Sciences, Cultural Studies and Media, Radio Television and Cinema and Health Communication. Also a PH.D and an under-graduate programme is conducted in Communication Sciences.

In addition to postgraduate education activities, our faculty also hosts various activities that connect with the field of Communication Sciences and are open to the university in general. These are regularly held activities such as “Colloquium Events”, “Documentary Days”, and “Communication Scientists Talk about Communication”.

With its international peer-reviewed electronic publication, “Moment Journal” and, Hacettepe University Faculty of Communication Cultural Studies Journal, our faculty provides an intellectual ground for the issues on the agenda of the academy and directs new discussions.

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach in the field of communication, our faculty will be supporting the qualified postgraduate education it offers since the beginning, with the recent undergraduate program since 2018.

The undergraduate program is the first and most important step of higher education. At this first step, rather than providing a purely vocational training practice in the field of communication, in accordance with the requirements of any scientific education, It is aimed that our students become graduates who are capable of thinking, researching, questioning, criticizing, and also to become creative, productive, and self-confident individuals.

Mission and Vision

I believe that our young friends who will start their education in the communication sciences undergraduate program in our faculty will be members of the media with a free mind and conscience, they will take universal ethical values as their guide, they will produce rights-based content by defending human rights. I believe that they will gain a creative, egalitarian, equitable, critical and polyphonic perspective on the media and culture industry fields when they graduate. Welcome to our faculty and this pedagogical association...



Our faculty was established with the decision of the Council of Ministers published in the Official Gazette dated 05.08.2005 and numbered 2005/9161 and started its research, education and training activities.


Communication Sciences Graduate Program
The proposal to open the Communication Sciences Master's Program was submitted to YÖK and it was decided to be established with the Senate Decision dated 22.03.2006 and numbered 2006-30


Communication Sciences Doctorate Program
With the Senate Decision dated 04.07.2012 and numbered 2012-222, the proposals regarding the opening of a graduate program by the Institutes were examined at the Higher Education General Assembly meeting dated 09.08.2012, and it was decided with the letter dated 15.08.2012 and numbered 36207-5228 of the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education that the opening of this program is appropriate.


Cultural Studies and Media Master's Program
With the Senate Decision dated 31.07.2013 and numbered 2013-272, the proposals regarding the opening of a graduate program by the Institutes were examined at the Higher Education General Assembly meeting dated 12.09.2013 and it was decided with the letter of the Higher Education Council dated 23.09.2013 and numbered 51323-7134 that the opening of this program was appropriate.

Until the 2018-2019 academic year, it is continued to provide education with two master's and one doctoral programs


Communication Sciences Undergraduate Program
The decision of the Senate of our University, dated 25.07.2018 and numbered 2018/307, regarding the opening of the undergraduate program as of the Fall Term of the 2018-2019 Academic Year, was submitted to the Higher Education Council for its opinion and our Faculty started its undergraduate education in the Fall Semester of the 2018-2019 Academic Year with 62 students.


Radio, Television and Cinema Master's Program
The Radio, Television and Cinema Master's program, which was opened within the Radio, Television and Cinema Department, accepted its first students in the 2021-2022 Fall Semester.

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