Intercultural Communication

Intercultural communication is an area that is interested in the topics such as the interaction and the meaning transition between the people from different cultures, perception, explanation of the foreigner and minding the cultural differences.

In the last three decades, as a means of economic and social needs the technology has developed. This caused an increase in the number of interacting cultures both in personal and social dimensions. Because of education, organizations in the companies, diplomacy, tourism, political and economic limitations people interact with different cultures. Basing the encounter of cultures in theory is impossible without the understanding of processes of communication in which language, meaning and cultural identity are established and negotiated. In this framework, the area will contribute to the knowledge collected for understanding and explaining cultural interaction.

Intercultural communication examines the communication between people from different cultures. The wide area of study in intercultural communication is an interactive one and has subdivisions such as intercultural communication, cross - cultural communication, and comparative mass communication. Intercultural communication is both interactive and interpersonal. The cross - cultural communication focuses on the different communication behaviors of the members of different cultures. On the other hand cross cultural communication has a comparative characteristic.

Ethnography of Communication

This area of study tries to analyze the communication situations in connection to the cultural background of the individuals in the communication process and cultural context. While doing this, uses the theoretical and methodological sources of ethnography. Ethnography of communication in particular chooses the examination of meaning transmission through language. So it is an intersection of linguistics, ethnography and communication sciences.

Cultural Studies

While examining the communication of the individuals from different cultures, it is essential to understand the differences of cultural codes. This is only possible through the research of each culture in the communication process. As a result, the cultural studies supply the communication studies with fundamental data.

Migration, Identity and Integration Studies

In the last century, communities of people have changed their regions for living and migrated. The problem they confronted with the natives of the areas that they migrated to because of the different experiences and cultures, the problems of integration and identity clashes are a major part of intercultural communication. In particular, the countries facing the migration pay attention to the data production regarding the migrants and cooperate with the academics in the countries of departure.

Ethnomethodological Studies

The symbolic interaction, one of the major field of study in communication, because of the symbols cultural status, is a field of interest in the researches focusing on the cultural differences. The discipline of intercultural communication, using the ethnomethodology in these symbolic interactions, gets closer to the real life wit the production of qualitative data.

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Şengül İNCE
Doç. Dr. Gülsüm DEPELİ SEVİNÇ (Yrd. Doç. Kadrosunda)
Öğr. Gör. Dr. Aslı Gülsüm AÇAN
Arş. Gör. Dr. Hatice Şule GELİBOLU
Arş. Gör. Barış TUĞRUL